Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?

Gather up your precious stones and get ready to hurl them yes
assume your holier than thou positions for I’m sure you are feeling
quite without and therefore righteous and maybe due to that

self-promoted sinless state you might even be feeling obligated

to be among the first the many the chosen to sever that kumbaya
circle we so tenuously assume will keep us from beating each
other to death with those otherwise innocent bleached out

busted up virtual bones lying all around waiting to be put to use.

So step up take aim now my open wounds await we’ve all been
here before just the same old battered third team primed for a little
solo mio tragedy served up hot in one of God’s dingy back alleys

where no one can see or be seen and absolutely no one

who might really care can find us certainly not the love of a woman
disappointed in and disappointed by which is who I keep practicing
my best smile for in the mirror trying so hard to get it to stretch

to reach all the way up here into my eyes just in case yes

just in case you or anyone else might notice and find the time to
share one back so go ahead keep calling me a joker that’s ok pretty
soon I’ll start answering to that one too and won’t that be a fine

and dandy bright and shiny brand-new day in the fucking park

worthy of at least the flat screen still nothing most of you would
give a passing glance to or care all that much about since it’s been
made patently clear to me for a long time now that there is

no reason I should leave out any fucking cookies this year.

The list has been drawn up locked away the key tossed forgotten
at least in my case wouldn’t you agree of course you would I can
see it in your eyes too every single one of you every goddamn day

it’s always the same everywhere not a rat’s ass fuck a damn given

and why should I blame you but I do and that’s my choice no my
right given how every time I’ve turned in that direction it’s turned
out so wrong not that left has yielded any better happy ass results.

Nosiree care to join me and drink to that no of fucking course not.

Not that I really need a compelling reason to drink alone after all
practice makes perfect except for maybe those eyes those eyes
could no not yours mine who hates them more and if somebody

could only answer that question to the boogeyman’s satisfaction.

Fuck it all and shoot the lame horse I rode in on I’ll just go and do
unto as I have already been so well done unto except even more
so and let’s be honest you already have too take a good hard look

every single window in this house of glass is already spidered.

Care to join me I know you’ve wondered what’s inside so let’s
laugh it up see what tomorrow brings I’ll be right there laughing it
up with you not at you no of course not not at you no not me

neither of us is that kind of worthless piece of shit right.

I’ll give you a tomorrow full of wild surprises not like today’s same
old boring shit show no a tomorrow you will never forget or forgive
and maybe just maybe if you’re feeling lucky like that other guy

c’mon dance for me watch me dance sing along with me

you’ll live long enough
to find a truly compelling
reason to finally regret it.