Here are the artists and writers who volunteer their time to make Open Arts Forum work.

Jay Dougherty

Publisher and Editor

Jay has worked on arts-related ventures for over 30 years. His publishing history includes the literary zine Clock Radio (b. 1984), the photography Web site PhotoCamel (b. 2005), the poetry forum PoetryCircle (b. 2005), and now this, the Open Arts Forum, a Web magazine and community for all of the arts, in one place. In addition to being a publisher and editor, Jay has taught English in universities and high school and has also worked as a photographer and musician.

Maria Mazzenga


Maria is a historian, archivist, and teacher working in the District of Columbia. She's collaborated on four books of art and poetry with Roger Doyle, and has had poetry published most recently in The Amethyst Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Eyedrum Periodically.

Jordan Trethewey


Jordan lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He is a husband, father, pet owner, baseball fan, beer league softball player, and reluctant runner. He also has a day job. At one time, Jordan was a brewer, journalist, retailer, computer technician, threater director, and coach. Now he works with remotely-sensed data. At all times he was/is a writer and visual artist.

Jordan loves collaborating with other writers and artists passionate about their craft. He is glad you you found your way here and looks forward to seeing your work.

Jenn Zed


Jenn is an artist and writer who lives in Bath, England, with the ghost of her cat. She studied art, art history, and design at Bath and Cambridge universities. Her work appears widely around the Internet, and she frequently collaborates on projects with other artists and writers.

Mark Preier


Mark is a self-taught photographer who grew up across cultures and countries (Germany/U.S.). He has continued this tradition by deciding to make Japan his second home and hunting ground for photographic ventures, which perfectly suits his style, focusing on architecture and ordinary urban objects in various states of decay / disarray.

Mark would love to have a cat, but he can’t because he’s never in the same place (Berlin/Kyoto) for longer than 3½ months at a time. Thankfully, there are many stray cats in Japan.

Amanda Villafranco


Amanda is a Master’s student in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington. She also serves as an associate instructor in the International Studies department. Her research interests include the role of resistance poetry in Latin American political dissent: how poetry subverts the colonialist narrative not only by pointing out injustices and lies but by preserving community and history for indigenous populations.

Her poetry has appeared most recently in Cathexis Northwest Press’s online journal. You can find her (intermittently) on twitter as @ajvillafranco.