Current Editors

Jay Dougherty

Publisher and Editor

Jay has worked on arts-related ventures for over 30 years. His publishing history includes the literary zine Clock Radio (b. 1984), the photography website PhotoCamel (b. 2005), the poetry forum PoetryCircle (b. 2005), and now this, the Open Arts Forum, a web magazine and community for all of the arts, in one place. In addition to being a publisher and editor, Jay has taught English in universities and high school and has also worked as a photographer and musician.

Maria Mazzenga


Maria is a historian, archivist, and teacher working in the District of Columbia. She's collaborated on four books of art and poetry with Roger Doyle, and has had poetry published most recently in The Amethyst Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Eyedrum Periodically.

Jordan Trethewey


Jordan Trethewey is poet laureate of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, where he lives with his wife, son, daughter, and pets. His two recent books, “Spirits for Sale” (2019) and “Unexpected Mergers” (2021), published by Pskis Porch, are available on Amazon. His work has also been translated in Vietnamese, Farsi, and French.

At one time, or another, Jordan was a brewer, journalist, retailer, computer technician, theatre director, coach, and remote sensing analyst. He currently works as a creative writer at Bell Media.

Jordan loves collaborating with other writers and artists passionate about their craft. He is glad you you found your way here and looks forward to seeing your work.

Jenn Zed


Jenn is an artist and writer who lives in Bath, England, with the ghost of her cat. She studied art, art history, and design at Bath and Cambridge universities. Her work appears widely around the Internet, and she frequently collaborates on projects with other artists and writers.

Lawrence George


Lawrence is a California-based musician, actor, and writer. He is also a bartender and a waiter. He graduated with an MFA in acting from a way-too-expensive school in New York City...yet somehow neglected to get his high school diploma. He is a lover of motorcycles, mai tais, Scandinavian-style social democracies, furry animals...and, most of the time, people.

Nolcha Fox


Nolcha’s poems have been published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Alien Buddha Zine, Medusa’s Kitchen, and others. Her chapbooks, My Father’s Ghost Hates Cats and The Big Unda, are available on Amazon. A nominee for the 2023 Best of The Net, she is also an accidental interviewer and an editor at Kiss My Poetry.

Raymond Huffman


Ray grew up in Colorado and has lived in Portland, Texas, since 1985. He has a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in entomology. He worked for the Texas A&M University System as an entomologist for 14 years and the Texas Education Service Center, Region 2, for 16 years. He was also the first program director for a 100,000 watt, free-form radio station in northern Colorado in the early to mid-70s and did a stint in the U.S. Navy for four years in the late 70s.

Ray retired in 2014 and currently lives in Portland with his son and an adopted stray cat. In his spare time, he reads and writes poetry, grows vegetables, fishes, and cooks.

Editors Emeriti

Thanks to the following members for acting as editors in the past:

Mark Preier
Amanda Villafranco
Sara Clancy
Kaci Stiles Laws