Open Arts Forum is a journal of the creative arts.

Raison d’être

Open Arts Forum is a response to the increasing segmentation of the arts. The site features work from artists in multiple areas of creative endeavor and provides a forum where writers and artists can submit work for front page consideration and get inspiration from one another. 


Operational costs of the site are supported by members. The editors involved in selecting work for the front page donate their time for the enjoyment that comes from promoting the work of fellow artists, photographers, and writers.

How Work Is Selected

The site’s editors comb through submissions, primarily from the forum. See Submissions for full instructions on how to submit your work.


Open Arts Forum displays no advertising. Occasionally artists, photographers, or writers may provide links to their work elsewhere. Open Arts Forum receives no compensation from—nor does it endorse or validate—such links.

If you would like to help support the cost of running the site, please see our support page.


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Cover Illustrations

The images, art, or illustrations that we use to accompany some features on the site are either original works supplied by the author to Open Arts Forum for the purpose of illustrating a feature or are drawn from Unsplash or Flickr using the “commercial use allowed” filter. Unless the front page author him- or herself created the illustration, we also provide attribution. Contact us if you have a concern about one of the illustrations.