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I live with my wife, Erica, three cats, and an increasingly geriatric dog named Gus on a tiny suburban spread outside Tampa, Florida. I have a few publishing credits to my name, nothing really worth mentioning.

Beneath These Boards was written on a Halloween night. Yeah, really.

My wife and I wrote the lyrics for Muddy Water Woman; music and vocals are by Wake Eastman, who lives and plays outside Austin, Texas. You can find more of him at www.wakeeastman.com. We put this thing together by collaborating on the Internet. We've never actually met Wake face-to-face, but will definitely look him up if we ever get to Austin. Many thanks to him for the great job he did on this song.

A Short Tribute To The Word Quiver has solely my wife to thank for its existence, who is, has been, and always will be my muse, through good times and bad, in sickness and health, and all those other tropes that we use to describe fidelity. This one's for you, hon. There will be more.