my boy
will not get
a game ball

it is a foregone conclusion

you can see the truth
of my assumption
in the glittering eyes
of the kid-with-the-big unit-windup
and the griffey jr. stance’s
mom as she
asks me, quite disinterested


fully focused on my lack
of success in nurturing a young

whether i think patrick
will take the field today, and
just how is he feeling?

or will he
(the question behind
the question)
just stay in the dugout
and hope they let him bat

because he’s too smart
and distracted
to hate the coaches
for their scorn

by being relegated to right field

or having to sit out the first inning
with the only girl on the team

because first base
needs to catch them throws
and short stop needs
to throw them catches

and right field has more bugs
and bees
and cool pebbles


Image credit:Ben Hershey

Dana St. Mary is a recovering crackpot and inveterate rambler. North America proper is his particular bailiwick. He spent nearly twenty years on commercial fishing boats in AK and FL waters. He now has settled down to sleep in beds, and kiss his wife, and tickle his children.