something in the moonlight
like one long goodbye
I never heard

there’s just the upholstery staring at me
the long death of the day
click and drag on a cigarette

have you ever cut a flower
on a summer evening when it’s not too hot
and smelled the clipped stem

I haven’t felt new
since probably before
I was born
I guess somehow it just got away

I cry on the phone
singing “Happy Birthday” to my mother
she never texted me pictures of her plants on the deck
hidden house of my dreams and my joy

life is lost in the couch cushions
and I lay trying to sleep instead

I had a ball of sun that went flat
and shrubbery that has now turned to
weeds blowing in my face

I used to spin the world
like a basketball on my finger

I sit and smoke
like a hole in the ground
sending up signals