The most recent conversation with ma
took place over the telephone.
Her voice seemed a bit formal and reserved;
mine was a black hole desiring color and stars.
The words out my mouth were nervously chosen
with short pauses and hopefulness. Still,

I moved in a losing direction on the board.
Thought I could reason,
but a simple innocent greeting
along with a million self-deprecating words from me
would have kept the door open
to the universe I dream. How foolish
of me to think that I could lay bare my heart
like a patient in a surgical room.

Another chance squandered, so expensive
and far in between, with every word.

Image credit:Julian Bock

Obed Ladiny published four poetry books available at the Amazon website. He lives in Brooklyn New York. His works have appeared in Red Fez, In Between Hangovers, Torrid Literature Journal, Open Arts Forum, and more. Follow Ladiny here at OAF and at his Instagram page


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