Once I sprained both
ankles playing basketball.
Sedentary, house-bound
for weeks, I smoked pot,
snorted coke, chased speed
with shots of whiskey.  Take that,
brain!  Take that, heart & take
that, liver!  Punishment more
than recreation.  We both survived,
my body & I.  Here we are.
I can’t hike.  I can’t walk
100 yards without limping,
my left arch collapsed, the cartilage
in my right hip gone.  I can
ride my bike.  I can even dance
a little. My lucky stars, thank
you for these small favors.

Image credit:Jorg Karg

I've lived in Tucson since 1953 and retired in 2008 from teaching writing at Pima Community College.

My poems have appeared in journals like Carolina Quarterly, Barrow Street, RATTLE, and New Poets of the American West. 

I'm a passionate supporter of Sky Island Alliance, a regionally-based environmental organization.

Birkenstock Blues, my eleventh poetry collection, was published in 2019 by Presa Press (Rockford, MI).