my name is man reading newspaper
and the street corner where he stands
my name is his hat
my name is his shoes
my name is the money in his pocket
my name is the sidewalk beneath his feet
my name is the church he went to as a kid
my name is the grave he will be put into
my name is the wind passing over that grave
bending the grass
that grows there

Image credit:Nijwam Swargiary

Sunken ships--the rats calling the place home didn't make it out either--the oldest daughter didn't like me to begin with and Momma didn't know what to do with my love in the corral--I decided not to wait around for the movie and headed for Arizona where I met Jaci--she liked me pretty much and was into history--I told her I would meet her in the Indian ruins that night for love in the dust--

she said, "oooooooooo that makes me so wet!"

How did I do, Jay? Is this what you were looking for?