Got a little blue
when the band
started playing
easy tunes

remember Ciarán
when we were
young, wasting
away energies

happy days
come, gone
there’s a meeting in the conference room

and the ferry trawls on
old shore to old shore
cautious new hopes
(sign me up)

on the seventh deck
some musician plays a later
neil effing young tune
guest service centres duty free shops

nothing like a little literature
out in an open sea
wash’d’up on top, virgin ‘neath th’surface
charlie don’t surf
and charlie don’t dive all that much

the hull lurches
up down and diagonal
we’ll be skipping dinner
teenage girls crowd the star bucks

one solitary soul does her homework
some schoolbags live by the door
with shoes
then sketches of others fill notebooks

nice and tight on the form (jus’ the form)
thas right
just like that
let us mowsie on back to where –

enough of the family excursion
we got better things to do
like sit in a corner
on deck ten.