Why do you teach kids to be proper?


“Why do you teach kids to be proper” is the title of my new performative album. 

Some time ago, I was at Kysak train station waiting for my train to Krompachy. There is a waiting room in the building, in which there was an exhibition of nursery works at that time. Various drawings and paintings of 4- to 6-year-old children were exhibited there. The expression of some of the artworks made me feel intense. A strong expression radiated from those works. They were very loose, the strokes of pencils and brushes seemed relaxed in those works; there was minimal discipline, minimal education; the effort to achieve the goal was suppressed by instinct. They seemed authentic to me. As a huge admirer of outsider art, I really liked them. But there were works that radiated excessive control, discipline, and an exaggerated effort to achieve a certain goal. And it was these works that seemed insincere to me, much more mechanically done than the previous component of the works. That’s when I realized one thing. Why do you teach kids to be proper? I think it’s killing us all.

During this session I drew more than 120 drawings, which are in the video [see also below]. 

1. Prečo učíte deti /(eng. Why do you teach kids)
2. Etnická hudba I. /(eng. Ethnic music I.)
3. Všetci ma bijete /(eng. You all beat me)
4. Nachádzam sa v práčke /(eng. I am in the washing machine)
5. Stádo /(eng. Herd)
6. Slovenský folklór /(eng. Slovak folklore)
7. Opakovačka pre deti a mládež /(eng. The song for kids and youth)
8. Ži rýchlo umri skoro a dookola každý rok /(eng. Live fast die soon and repeat every year)
9. Prepáčte že som sa takto správal /(eng. I am sorry I behaved like that)
10. Etnická hudba II. /(eng. Ethnic music II.)

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