I’m floating on an inner tube
in the middle of Lake Erie
miles away from the shore
where no man should be floating on an inner tube
but it is calm enough
and blue enough
comfortable enough
the sun is…

well, you know how when you walk out of a building
in the summer with the air conditioning going full blast to the point where you get goose bumps and can’t shake the chill and as soon as you walk outside into the hot air it feels like a warm blanket just from the dryer?

…that is how this sun feels

I can see the faint outline
of a cargo ship in the distance
and I am sure they cannot see me
I have no food or water
or protection from the sun
and I don’t care
I don’t care where the current takes me

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Patrick Hendry

Ken Tomaro is a writer living in Cleveland, Ohio. His work centers around everyday life with depression. Sometimes blunt, often dark but always grounded in reality.

He has 4 full-length collections of poetry: Home Is Where the Headstones Are, An Angry Year, Paralysis & Potholes and Perogies (through Alien Buddha Press) available on Amazon.