is retired
and living in France.

he’s on his second wife and
lives on
a farm in the country.

every now and then
he sends me
these long, long
e-mails talking about the wine,
the food, the people
and how much he
loves his life
since he
ditched the
first wife, gave up writing
and moved away.

in relative terms
he’s on the near side
of rich…

i swear to god
he got
none of that
from publishing

i didn’t even answer
his last two

i didn’t know
what to say,
other than
i hope
he’s happy over there,
in France,
with his
2nd wife and
his fields and
his wine.
when you
get right down
to it,
at the end of it all,
we both won…

and i…

he’s got
and i’ve got