(Warning: Adult Content)

I was just
writing this poem
where I was going
on and on and on

when really
I just want to fuck

it’s spring
I’m frustrated
and I’m not
attracted to my wife

I keep seeing these strangers
that I am
attracted to
jewels of the street
that seem like they are also in heat

it’s mating season
and I’m not gonna be a dick
and cheat on my wife
but I’d sure like to use it

I won’t watch porn
or masturbate either
I’m not going to lust after another woman

I say I love you to my wife
cause I do
I feel bad
for not wanting to fuck her
and having the inside of my chest sweat
for these other women

I’m outta breath
walking in circles
around my wedding ring

Daniel J. Flore III

Daniel J. Flore III’s fifth book of poetry is WRITTEN IN THE DUST ON THE CEILING FAN and it can be found here.