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Syra studied Art at Hammersmith College of Art London and qualified with merit in 1972. In 1977 Syra together with her husband Irish Luthier Chris Larkin (RIP 2018) moved to a small windswept peninsula known as The Maharees on the West Coast of Ireland . Where they lived, worked, encouraged and inspired one another daily.

Syra lived and worked for many years in a caravan and today works from a purpose built studio known as Shoreline Studio, where despite the remote location she has managed to develop her career as a professional artist.

Syra’s work is mainly figurative in style and she would use these word to describe her work: figurative, emotional, poetic, symbolic, mercurial, narrative, eclectic.

“ As an artist it’s important not to allow yourself to be tied up into a neat package which can be easily understood, as like most things in life it is not easy to explain or understand the things we create. I do not want to feel the restrictions of a pattern or a particular style - If I want to run I will, if I want to do a summersault I will. I feel my work is a genuine response to my personal existence.

Waking in the morning and painting whatever the day might bring !"