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silent lotus is a spiritual advisor. His poetry has been published in Europe, England, America, Canada and Australia. For significant portions of his life he has resided in the Caribbean, The Netherlands and America, having been raised in the unique community of Roosevelt, N.J. designed by Louis Kahn. His life is entwined with the artist Nermin Kura. “ A poem should have the touch … the way sunlight falls on Braille.” …..silent lotus

I disappeared

into you and it felt like the womb I had left 5 days early. I crawled under you like winter cats in car tires I dropped my steel and stayed in your...


absence has a simple scale nought or one distinct steps like piano notes joy and sorrow are parabolic mirror images glissando exponentials like the birth of your smile how you...

Selections from The ______ _. _____ Collection

See also The Trump Poems: An Interview with Tom Riordan. Trump’s _ _ _ _ _ ‘_ Mar-a-Lago has three bomb shelters, one for the immediate family, one for...