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Chris Daykin is a film maker and painter living in Sri Lanka.

His film work is exploratory and innovative, using the quality of visual imagery to convey a unique progression of animation and narrative. Producing work; respectful of human sensitivity and experience, with a conscience towards progressive thought and the origins of sympathetic marks.

His films are directed not only to the outlets of Experimental film but to major film festivals and to those that cater to the tastes of the commercial media. However, his standards remain the same, with the opinion that his work is towards progression and there appears to be no compromise. The main themes are related closely to his painting, that is; expression of feeling and a documentary of emotive experience in relation to life.

Often frenetic and working on many simultaneous levels, humorous and serious ideas, colourful moving images work with, sublimity and invention. The films are both simple and detailed, much as life consists of many levels and innocence is often an end in itself.

It is work of an exploration and an experience to watch.