The last time at the office of the otolaryngologist
I had smartly typed my next appointment
promptly on my smart phone screen
at the same time it was read to me
by the lovely admin,
who said to me today
when I arrived right at noon,
as my clever schedule told me to,
that I had missed my meeting with the doctor
and clearly someone must have erred, but not her.

Selected byMaria Mazzenga
Image credit: Clément H

Morgan Driscoll is a long time commercial artist, looking to express himself in some other way than selling Widgets. Poetry seemed the least commercial, and most under the radar way he could think of. So far it has been a satisfying, but obscure journey.

He has been published in The Amethyst Review, Humanist Magazine, The Penwood Review, The Orchards Poetry Journal, Mused, Califragile, Without Words Anthology, Constellate Magazine, Pure Slush, Caesura, and the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, among others.