in the present extreme
                                                            I want it all      
                                                            to go away                  
all variations of viability
mainstream or otherwise    
artistic principalities  
as a means                               
shall be considered                            
                                                            pray for me mom
                                                            in the present
fetter of time             
                                                            searching for jesus
on a belgian slope      
                                                            4 soldiers lie

the way watercolor
captures light
curl and sleep                                  on the frozen ground                                                

                                                            pray for me mom                     
                                                            in the last seconds              
                                                            buddha awakens  
in the ditch                            
beside me                                                        
Image credit:Lanju Fotografie

Totally dedicated to my Aires male directive. Create by destroying. Destroy by creating. I love word critters. And have played with them for over 40-years. They still win every time. My intent is to compose an arrangement of words that tend to suggest, as opposed to define, meaning. Meaning is entirely experiential. And 100% defined by the reader.