There’s some lady you’re always talking to on your phone. I hear you and this lady from our room all the time. I’m so bored of listening to you and this lady. I’ve asked you to put your headset on when you talk to her but you won’t. I have decided that I will start a relationship with this lady. We are going to cruise the San Royale with pink champagne like the inside of her vagina in our hands, pick pomegranates, and laugh watching the light innocence of the manatees smiling, floating upside down. We will rent a summer cottage near Lake Jeauxspa to exchange vows of intimate commitment and emotional transparency and I will fuck her through the ceiling and tell her her cheek is the soft side of the moon where all the world can see the light. Then I will return home and FaceTime with her about all of this endlessly just so you have to keep hearing it.