in the interest of full disclosure
striving for transparent honest
searching for beauty and its

friend with privileges truth
disclosing the process a
dangling sentence fitted with

dangling phrases glued together
by invisible commas and semi
colons requiring a reader to

decode first and in the process
achieve awakening of his own
thoughts or her could some

times work as a poem especially
if arranged on the page in stanzas
if it looks like a duck walks like

a duck quacks like a duck it is a
duck as one politician lost to
history or not said

Image credit:Amit Talwar

James T. Stemmle is an old man, currently living retirement in WV with his wife.  In warm weather, he writes poetry during morning meditations on a bench in his back yard, where it is so quiet, depending on atmospheric conditions, he can sometimes hear interstate traffic four miles distant.  He had a Federal Government career mostly with EPA, earned a doctorate from Catholic U in Chemistry, and was born in Louisville, KY.  He is eager to share some of his accumulating poetry, currently enough to fill 7 one-inch binders and part of the 8th