You like those poems
Americans write
where some lines
are just


And nowadays
it’s all the rage
to write poems
with slashes/which
really have no/
a line break
wouldn’t achieve.

And as for rhyme…
No one’s allowed
to use that
who force in rhymes
where they’re not/needed
making their poems
cheesy as fuck
like a duck who’s
outta luck and
down to the last buck…

If you like your /music
Bubblegum in 4/4.

And while we’re
on that subject
what’s a metaphor
Beats/ me

Image credit:cal gao


Marc Woodward is a poet whose work has been widely published in journals and anthologies, and a musician who has performed and taught internationally.

He has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and commended for the Aesthetica Award and the Acumen prize.

A New Yorker by accident of birth, he has been resident in rural Devon, England for a loooooong time.

Recent collections:

‘Fright of Jays’ published 2015 by Maquette Press;

’Hide Songs’  published 2018 by Green Bottle Press.

’The Tin Lodes’ (co-written with Andy Brown) published 2020 by Indigo Dreams Press.


‘Shaking the Persimmon Tree’ published in 4/2022 by Sea Crow Press.

‘Grace Notes’ a collection of music related poems written in collaboration with Andy Brown is due out from Sea Crow Press in 2023.

He can be found on Facebook at

and on twitter @marcomando or at