picture and picture of my bare pubescent bodies blur
a tanned and pink magic lantern show
sick stomachs flat or deep
and all my numbered ribs marked off
one when I was nineteen,
between my two hips
a third protrusion
gentle roundfort
green body deformed in that ancient way
looked in the mirror and felt sick
so I took a picture
in it the curve is hard low heavy
not soft with piss
sour and buttermilk
much too not enough curdles in me
slender black snake from cunt to ankle
white pus pours from the wounds I was born with
the candle said I’m
hard low heavy
none of it dew
yellow amniotic caul
and no baby

Image credit:pawel szvmanski

Born and raised in Bloomington, IN, Chloe is a second-year at UCSB and misses the midwest dearly. They have been writing for about three years, and prefers narrative poetry and (very) short fiction. There is no-one more important to them than their older brother; they have done most of their existence together. Chloe hopes to one day publish a little collection of both of their poems, writings, and illustrations.