Wear this mask over your face.
Be sure to hide your feelings displaced.
I’m jaded, snide, and too emotional
because I cry.

Getting good at sealing your fate.
The man in the machine says
hurry up, now wait.

And all of the things I create,
my next mistake.

Sin against nature.
I can’t much stand you’re hatred.
Distorted worldly views.
I really hate, me.

They fuel the ego.
Thinking we won’t know,
but when decay sets in they win
again and again.

Shatter the mirror,
because I’m seeing clearer.

Judge me please.
Do my scars not appease you?

Is this making sense?
I feel you’re growing tense.
Is my honesty creating discomfort?

I really hope so.

Kaci Skiles Laws is a closet cat-lady and creative writer who reads and writes voraciously in the quiet moments between motherhood and managing Crohn's Disease. She grew up on a small farm in a Texas town alongside many furry friends, two sisters, and a brother. She has known tragic loss too well, and her writing, which is often dark and honest, is a reflection of the shadows lurking in her psyche. Her work can be viewed at:, and her visual artwork and music can be viewed on YouTube under Kaci and Bryant.


A list of the places where my writing has appeared or is forthcoming:


Imposter: A Poetry Journal, Sunday Mornings at the River, Horror Sleaze Trash, Intangible Magazine, Door Is A Jar, Voices of Fire, Outlander Zine, Fahmidan Journal, The American Journal of Poetry, The Letters Page, Terror House Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Unlikely Stories, Anti-Heroin Chic, Red Fez, The Bollman Bridge Review, Triggerfish Critical Review, Capsule Stories Cajun Mutt Press, Levitate, Harbor Review, The Charles Carter, Fragmented Lines, Written Tales, Kiss My Poetry, Rough Cut Press, Eighteen-Seventy, Ten Million Flies, Open Arts Forum, The Broken Spine, Necro Magazine, Pif Magazine, Otherwise Engaged Literary and Arts Journal, Nod Magazine, Ponder Savant, Sleet Magazine, Goat Milk Magazine, Memoryhouse Magazine, Martin Lake Journal, 50 Haikus, Sub Rosa Zine, and Former People.