Recreated images of faces now available via EEG scans.

So accurate, police sketch artists will soon

apply for employment insurance benefits,

while witnesses are tapped like portable hard drives.


Connecting neural activity patterns to visual structures,

like those present in human features,

a step toward digital resurrection

of trapped and faded text, dissipated dialogue.

Even translation for non-verbal communication.


Not a matter of if, but when

authorities place a wire wig

on an eyewitness, or suspect head—

producing real-time replays of criminal acts,

confirming convictions.


A discussion of neurological human rights

logically follows…

-mental privacy and integrity

-psychological continuity

-cognitive liberty

At the brink of a reality where brainjacking exists

—extractions of PIN codes and passwords,

acquaintance identities and addresses—

is the heightened potential for healing help,

or hostile harm.