What Ever


Released on 09 April 2022. 12 track album. Credits: Co-producer – @Roger Fizzerton. All guitar, bass, keyboards, lyrics and vocals .. myself. I hope you enjoy —Jenn Zed

I have plans for more EPs, I have at least 3 EPs bubbling under the surface right now and the next album is also being thought over and mused upon. but I am a fan of the ‘Album’, of the structure, the format, the length, the collected content, even the ‘conceptual’ state of an album, and the work put into it .. and I long ago made the decision not to shape any of my work in accordance with my potential audience and their lack of an attention span.
This includes both visual and audio work.
As much as I may shape the work, the work also shapes itself. and I will not compromise that in order to fit in with the ’30 second Tik-Tok attention span generation’.
If they don’t like having to apply their brains for longer than 30 seconds and can’t give it the time for a listen, then I don’t care what they think :)I do understand that people and the internet have a LOT of content to deal with, and much of it demands to be seen, competes for some cerebral space to be seen and heard. but, I’m not competing with anyone.
I just love making this music and anyone who happens to listen and like it, then I’m happy with that.
I’m of the generation that bought vinyl records and cassette tapes in record shops, and I still buy them when I find something being offered in either of these formats that I like and want to own.
Saying that, I am also the generation that has seen the digital revolution morph and develop from CDs to iPods to Streaming, and understand their part and reason to exist also.
So, I will continue to make albums and EPs and singles too. all of my current releases can be found through the link in my Signature.
I am very happy with the work, so far! —Jenn Zed

Ms. Zed is an artist and writer who lives in Bath, England, with the ghost of her cat. She studied art, art history, and design at Bath and Cambridge universities.