This isn’t going to work you know
You’re short and that dog
But I go to your house

Don’t sit so close
You’re pale and this furniture
But I go up to your room

Don’t touch me
You’re annoying, the bed is small
But I spend the night

I don’t drink coffee
Your pot is stained and gritty with grounds
But I make a quiche

You are cheerful
And say I am cute
“Would you like to go camping? “

The dog licks my hand
And looks hopeful
“I do like to camp” I say

You pack your VW bus like a pro
There is food and water and wine
You me and the dog load in

Days later on country roads
You wear tie dye; I have your hat on
Dog’s ears blow back in the wind
We sing to the song

I slogged through high school and some selected college courses, very few.

Worked in the food industry, chef, cook.

Got into real estate sales, property management, remodeling.

Sheet rock mud and cake decorating can be similar.

Entrepreneur stuff.

All the while writing: long letters, little stories, capturing memories. People said I should write more.

Almost all of my stories are drafts but for whatever reason inspired by this forum I thought I'd spend more time with this.

I've never been published, I've never tried.