I would define this project as an attitude, expression, or gesture (which is the way I do things in other art disciplines), but now I used some other mediums. I have a habit of depriving utilitarian objects of their original functions. Karambol is a word from the East Slovak dialect and it simply means a car crash. —Nicholas Wintzler



1. Karambol  (transl. Car crash)
2. Plumb  (Plumb)
3. Obed  (transl. Lunch)
4. Medveďku, daj labku  (transl. Bear, give me your paw (or something like that, I am not sure if I can translate that, because it´s a Slovak folk song and in our language, it has slightly different meaning)
5. Neživé nemá tendenciu (transl. Inanimate has no tendency)
6. Tekutý pocit v uchu  (transl. Liquid feeling in ear)
7. Smog na kúpalisku ako keď som bol malý (transl. Smog at the waterpark like when I was a child
8. Prejavy (transl. Demonstrations/Expressions/ Something like a presentation of yourself)