You’re the poison
I’d rather not
Seek an antidote for
Every pill
That kills the cells
In my veins pains
But I’d rather risk myself
And have you
Than be sick and not have
Any of your kick
They said pick a struggle to go through
And I know
I’d be sneaking in to labs
Just so I could get
The perfect drop of tolerance
Have you drugged me since
There may be side effects
I’ve seen
Am I hallucinating?
Or are you really the angel
In my dreams who’s been wanting me
I might be high
If not I may be in a dimension
Wherein I fight
The overdose of death

Image credit:danilo.alvesd

Guilty for writing poetry that bleeds, Alyssa Mickhaela Tanafranca is a young Asian writer. The author has two main objectives in life: to successfully publish a book and to be a lawyer. She is currently a college student and has plans to study law soon. Alyssa also participates in writing fiction and short stories, but her focus is mainly on poetry.