You are obsessed with the furniture.
I don’t really care about the furniture.
I am lucky if I get to sit on the couch and watch “Dexter.”​

Every time I walk out the door
you insist on rearranging the furniture
so it will be different when I walk back in.​

I recognize your need for control.
and I think it is childish.
On a good day I let it pass
like a bad holiday.​

But let me make it understood
it has not escaped me
that if I want the desk by the window
you want the desk by the door.
And if I want the desk by door
you want the desk by the window.​

Image credit:Parker Whitson

Cheryl Leverette—the pen name of Cheryl Ann Dodd—was a prolific poet who drew much inspiration from the company of other writers and artists online. She died on May 27, 2019. The rest of her inspiration came from her family. For her author bio on Open Arts Forum, she wrote, "I'm a grandmother living in Tennessee, enjoying my family and semi-retirement. I love writing and poetry as a hobby and also as a learning experience. It keeps me sharp."