I would create mountains that can spit fire
& cover them with tall green trees with myriad roots
holding dearly the skin of soil covering the rocks
I’d blanket with slowly melting snows
to waterfall & river, before I’d invent worms

& frogs & fish & lizards, big ones, with huge teeth
& little brains & they would eat each other
for breakfast before I slam a meteor into the ocean
so mammals would give live birth & breast feed their young
& in my image man steps out of his hairy monkey skin,

walks on two legs & looks up at me from the great jungle
I created with banana trees & rain enough to float an ark
to ask me for directions & I’d be pissed because they
are wicked & enjoy anal sex but I would show mercy
& give them everything there is to choose from so they will

think they are free to make choices & then I’d laugh
like an all-knowing father after they nearly destroy the planet
& my laughter will fill them with love & they will love me
& praise me before I wake up, all alone, surrounded
by everything & everyone I can dream of or imagine or become.

Image credit:Mita Park

I have one book of poetry published in Tucson by Moon Pony Press in 2009 titled, The Certainty of Looking Elsewhere. My poetry has been published in numerous small presses including: Dark Horse, Gargoyle, 6ix, Tor House Newsletter, The Moth.