because god was lonely and everybody loves you
when you’re six feet underground some say paranoia
is a heightened sense of perception but it’s another
type of madness to lose yourself on the ferry
boat wondering who killed buddha
it might have been jesus because
god was sad to see you go
I need to keep my dreams
six feet underground
like 25 years on death row
a seagull returns to the shoreline
after a hurricane we already know
nothing is quite the same
when everybody loves you
back in late 90s
wearing the tee shirt
you gave me because god was lonely
and the blade ran all the way through
forgetting I had one too many
pills that day I should have never
married when I had the chance to be
with you in a french chalet filled with
daffodils in the living room and martinis
on the kitchen table where I would sit
in a heightened sense of knowing
I made decisions along the way
and I can’t blame all of them
on alcohol

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Yoksel 🌿 Zok

Totally dedicated to my Aires male directive. Create by destroying. Destroy by creating. I love word critters. And have played with them for over 40-years. They still win every time. My intent is to compose an arrangement of words that tend to suggest, as opposed to define, meaning. Meaning is entirely experiential. And 100% defined by the reader.