All night while the rain fell
you turned the words over in silence

The wet grass did not know
your brother was asleep across the room

You smelled the mowed lawn,
listened to your brother’s breathing

You wanted to memorise the words
scorched into wood

love… perennial as grass

but all you could think of was losing
faith, a breath at a time


On a plaque over the chimney breast,
Ehrmann’s words failed you then

as they do now
…no less than trees or stars

No shame, or bitter recollection,
only your brother’s unforgettable reserve

While the rain falls
like an audience applauding silence

Image credit:prosha amiri

Mark A. Murphy is the editor of online journal, POETiCA REViEW. His poetry has appeared in over 250 magazines in print and online. He is the author of 7 full-length collections including "The Ruin of Eleanor Marx" due out in spring 2022 from Moloko Plus in Germany.


The boutique poetry pamphlet "Sea Wake & Some Last Poems" with Milner Place and Mark A. Murphy was also published by Moloko Plus in 2021