Here’s a list of links to other interesting outlets for writers, artists, and photographers. Feel free to suggest additions to the list by responding to this post, and if you find a dead link, let us know, too.


Creative Writers Opportunities List
Old style Yahoo list.

Hard to believe, but these folks are still plugging away. Thank goodness.

New Pages
Not quite sure about this one. OAF was listed there for a while, but then they wanted us to pay, so we said never mind.

Poets & Writers
Great resource, hampered only by its sheer size and number of listed resources.

Writers’ Database
No experience with this, but we’re listing it because it sounds promising.

Underground zines & publishers

Horror Sleaze Trash
There aren’t many like this one on the internet.

In Between Hangovers
Well, what can we say?

Red Fez
Neat name.

Stepaway Magazine

Rye Whiskey Review
“always the last to close the bar”

Trailer Park Quarterly
“Dan and Rebecca met in the 90s through the small press, back in the days of cut, paste and staple zines. Dan was the founder and editor of Windowpanes and Rebecca was the founder and one of the editors of Reuben’s Kincaid. A few years ago, Dan asked Rebecca if she wanted to come into the 21st Century and do an online zine and they set to work cutting, pasting and stapling online.”