pigeon-breasted Margarite thanks god
that the pitch-glued cabbage leaf barrier
and pessary of honey-soaked acacia
are relics of the past—
for freedom and modern convenience
she bares ankles for coiled silkworm guts
to be wound tight around her cervix

while the desperate whore dances
the lacedaemonian leap
jumping high so heels touch her bare ass
have you tried a controlled tumble down the stairs?

a spotted tissue
tells me chemicals
that block my ovaries have expired
I start to whine but you remind me
women have been putting up with this shit for years
so I scoot my brave little ass
up to the edge of the papered table
there just a little further good
slick fingers and a cold metal
beak hold me open
and he tugs on the old thread
now you will feel just a little pinch
but I can’t help it the tears come with
this sensation of an unjust punishment
as tenaculum forceps clamp
tight to stabilize my cervix
and the new device is inserted
okay all done dear! now that wasn’t too bad was it?

however it goes
leaves, lint, silk or wire
next comes cramps
perhaps a tinge—
just give us a day
before you come back inside