Charles Bukowski Festival, 2020


The Charles Bukowski Society (Bukowski-Gesellschaft in German) will celebrate the first 100 years of Charles Bukowski in Bamberg, Germany, from June 22 through June 27, 2020.

Attending the festival will be Bukowski scholars Abel Debritto and David Calonne, among many others.

Also, one evening, the world-famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra will play, with Nora Gomringer reading Bukowski texts about classical music.

In addition, each evening from Monday through Friday, the local cinema Lichtspiel will show Bukowski movies, documentaries, and readings.

The University of Bamberg is also holding a Bukowski-related seminar in the corresponding summer semester.

Special guest: Bukowski’s daughter, Marina Bukowski.

For more information, contact Roni at the Charles-Bukowski-Gesellschaft.

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