the waves brought it
right to her feet
that old improbable
message in a bottle.
She took it with her
kept it near
but did not want
to open it
to spoil the mystery
of her selection.
Resting in the garden
she dreams
starfish dreams
opens her hands
like fans of coral
feels her teeth grow
smooth as pearls.
Her bones relax
as though afloat
on a languid sea
listening for the long
deep songs of whales
sounding all the names
of water
calling to her
from the drowned
cities lost and long
inhabited by ghosts
and the fantastic
luminescent shapes
of strange fish
glowing in the dark.
Selected byJenn Zed
Image credit:Pelayo Arbu├ęs

I studied art and literature at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, but spent most of my working life as a Registered Nurse. I have had work published in many online and print journals, including Third Wednesday, Gnarled Oak, Earth's Daughters, and  The Ekphrastic Review. I have an e chapbook "Things I Was Told Not to Think About" available as a free download from Praxis magazine. Recently moved to Florida,  I'm slowly adjusting to my new surroundings, happily enjoying the gorgeous sunsets and abundant bird life.