the thin film of my mouth
on your cunt
in a half-mile high toilet
just to keep us going
through an invisible
security corridor from west to east

notes of golden brown
play easily
as we fuck each other
and land in Berlin Templehof

the airport border guards check
that i’m some
Persian-Irish renegade
and you’re
my Meinhof-Dansk trophy
halfway between Mujāhid-IRA
and Danish Anarcho-Syndicalist
that’s the idea, anyway

Englischer police soldier
smuggled MDMA pills in pussy
and raw Base speed packaged in
jacket lining
we enter as highly stylised
Goth Tramps
but like any fuck in a suit
are searched
head to ass
ass to toe
die Polizei
ist dreck

we really
don’t care and breeze
entrance fees paid
into the warehouse
duty ignored
industrial junkie payback
certain of einstürzende
jack-hammer holes in the walls
instead of a guitar solo
and amphetamines made by hand
too strong to snort
in an abandoned factory somewhere
between music and demolition

and in the Deustche nacht
i don’t know if your voice is
male or female
german mädchen
but you have
a nice arse
and are taller than me
right now


Image credit:Robert V. Ruggiero

Ms. Zed is an artist and writer who lives in Bath, England, with the ghost of her cat. She studied art, art history, and design at Bath and Cambridge universities.