he only hires
pretty girls
i knew that
as soon as i handed
in the application
the rest of the
cashiers are
brooding brunettes
and a young
brassy blonde
steve was pissed
off, “you always get hired,
and you’ve only been
looking for three days!”
i’ve never
had a
boss that
wasn’t a
i’ve found
older men
to be
worse than
their younger
i thought about
but the hours are good,
the place close, and it’s
not cold
i’ve dabbled
in the notion
of school, but
i’d rather keep
the cashier job,
besides who says
there will be a
job waiting in
four years?
truth is i can’t
grow up
even though my
life is moving
in that direction
my parents
abandoned me
with nothing
i’m engaged
looking for
a new apt.
after a
few months
that led
to us living
at my
mother-in-law’s house
i’m not
ready to
spend my
money on
bullshit classes
instead of
from a
don’t move me
as much
as the mountains
and seas of
my adventures.

Image credit:Austin Distel

Jess Kangas is a strawberry siren poet located in North Carolina. Her poetry is rich in sound, structure and secrets. A former New Yorker in the South, she has been featured in Califragile, PoetryCircle and Open Arts Forum.