There is a tumble
of ribbons and words
forming bows and twirls,
wrapping my thoughts into
pretty little packages.

I line them up one by one
on the shelf
to gather dust.

One day you will come
eagerly pluck them down,
blow them off,
admire each little gift
before removing the paper
to see what is inside.
These are the thoughts I
hold with me as I fall asleep.

In the morning, I know never
to expect your arrival.

I continue to line the shelves.

Selected byJordan Trethewey
Image credit:Jan Romero

Renee is from the state of Connecticut, USA. When she was very young she played on an imaginary planet by day and she spent nights secretly reading under the covers by flashlight as an escape. When ready, sometimes those nights were spent creating artwork instead. It was around the same time that she started writing. Self-expression, expression is both a burden and a freedom, a sadness and a joy, a responsibility and a way to be irresponsible. It is meaningful and it is insignificant.