A Jew, a Christian & a Muslim walk into the bar.
Each one orders a Day of Judgement on the rocks
with a Resurrection of the Body chaser.

A Buddhist walks into the bar & orders
an Enlightenment straight up
with a Reincarnation back.

A Native American walks into the bar,
orders a Sweat Lodge neat & a Vision Quest to go.

An atheist, who served in the Royal Navy
before 1970, walks in & orders a Godless Existence
& a shot of the house’s best 100 Proof rum
that his gunpowder will ignite.

The bartender is a Hindu. He tells his customers
that when Shiva destroys the creation, “no one will exist,
like we do now, because only God exists.”

The door of the bar slowly opens & gently closes,
but no one is there. The sign outside
the bar reads, “We Serve Only The Finest Spirits.”

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Edgar Chaparro

I have one book of poetry published in Tucson by Moon Pony Press in 2009 titled, The Certainty of Looking Elsewhere. My poetry has been published in numerous small presses including: Dark Horse, Gargoyle, 6ix, Tor House Newsletter, The Moth.