Holy man,
with a common farmer tan,
I watch your metamorphosis into god.
An exhibitionistic affair
I am your favorite voyeur.
Eyeball plastered
to the Sacristy peep hole.
Disrobe, pose and shake for me.
Your pendulous meat enlarging exponentially,
as you don the opulent vestments
of priesthood.
You call me near,
whisper, “ open wide”
as you stroke my hair
positioning my head to receive
the body of Christ.

Image credit:KIMBERLY McNeil

Kimberly McNeil is a retired physician who now pursues her artistic interests, namely poetry and self(-ie) digital photography. She lives happily in southwest Florida with her husband of 34 years but misses her son, Dashiell Patrick, who committed suicide in 2ol8, just days before starting college.

 Favorite poem, “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe.