Submittable: Too Expensive


This year, Submittable raised its prices by over 100% to publications that previously received literary journal pricing. In our case, this price hike went from $187 to $444 annually. We refuse to pass this cost along to writers and artists, and we refuse to pay it ourselves. So we are drastically curtailing our use of Submittable.

Submitting work through this site’s forum is free. The editors encourage you to use that method. (We’ve also opened up our forum to other publications that wish to take submissions in this fashion, which is highly interactive and, in fact, fun. Contact us for details.) We will update our Submissions page as we expand options for submitting your work.

We’re sorry to have to cut back on Submittable, for it’s a useful service, both for creatives and for the publications to which they submit work. But Submittable seems to have forsaken art and literary journals, despite claiming that its new fees are an expression of its “appreciation” for such publications, its “first customers.”

So in addition to encouraging writers, artists, photographers, and musicians to submit work through the site’s forum, we’ll be on the lookout for reasonable alternatives to Submittable, and we’ll pass them along to members when we find them.