Stuff tulips in your mouth
Don’t deny your heritage
Dutch girl.

If you have intelligence, sadness and an innocent face I stick to you.

What I see:
The emperor’s girlfriend
chewing poppy petals.

My mom’s then boyfriend told me that her death for sure had something to do with the movie.
Heather O ‘Rourke
bold omniseeer
feeler of color in balls of yarn.
I see you in the garden with your grandmother.

Me stuffing tulips won’t look like that
if I tell you I can taste its color
will you believe me
also it’s a lie.

That’s the downside of wanting a beautiful metaphorical death:
it takes a lot of organisation.

A colleague told us she has cancer today.
And I’m a ditzy, stupid girl.

Nathalie Spaans

Nathalie Spaans lives in Amsterdam and works as a public attendant in a cool museum. In day to day life she finds it hard to convey what's going on. With writing she tries to make sense of it.