I let the screen door close behind me
And the rest of the day was quite easy.
At the dining room table
Covered with plates covered with crumbs,
I picked up the tea cups,
Smothering butterflies and flowers in my palms,
And noticed an egg-shaped age spot
Just below my thumb.

Coffee splashed cold hazel paint into the sink.
A hummingbird flirted with its reflection
Just outside the window.

There will be other mornings
More coffee, more crumbs.
Today is for Saturday things:
Laundry, lawn work,
A stop at the liquor store later.

Some of what they’d said was true.
Not all of it.

Selected byJordan Trethewey
Image credit:Chris Ainsworth

Julie Desmond (she/hers) is a career coach with a thing for Irish writing, living in the heart of Minneapolis, MN. Find her books online and her poetry at Open Arts Forum, Lower Stumpf Lake Review, Diotima, Down in the Dirt, Classical Poetry Society, and at postsecret.com.