Should I admit
it all started as a pile of phrases
and a symmetry fetish?

Should I credit
nighthawks and traffic
in the liner notes?

Should I care
that all characters think
they are protagonists?

Should I arrive
in stages, like grief
or a movie franchise?

Should I redraw
the constellations because
Orion looks like a butterfly?

Should I ask
who they are?

Should I pull over
to look up song lyrics?

Should I note differences
between stock and broth,
or cemetery and graveyard?

Should I wear
the friend hat,
or the therapist hat?

Should I wonder why
I heard the word differential
in running water today?

Should I cheer on Orion
as he flits away with his dogs
and lands on Scorpio

who is now
a strange flower growing
from a crack in the sky?

Selected byRaymond Hufffman
Image credit:Darkmoon Art

Hugh does not prefer to talk about himself in the third person; if he did, he'd tell you he's in a self-imposed exile on the east coast of the USA but still loves his former home in the Sonoran Desert. His first book, Auditions For The Afterlife, was released in May of 2016.