Ten minutes into the shower, I fail to recall
if I have applied a body wash & rinsed—
I just check the armpit
of my non-dominant hand.

After locking the door of my house
before stepping out & confirming 5 times
that I have done so, I sing:
“I am leaving on a jet plane.”

Often I forget my phone or wallet or watch
when I’m in a rush to catch my local train.
Now I tap all my pockets & wrists
after wearing my shoes.

If I have to wake up at 9:00 am,
I set alarms of 8:30 am, 8:40 am, & 8:50 am,
despite being fully aware
that there is a Snooze button. 

Selected byRaymond Huffman
Image credit:Atharva Tulsi

Jay Gandhi is a thirty-four year old poet residing in Mumbai, India. He's an Accountant by profession, a Guitarist and a Yoga Practitioner. He derives inspiration from mundane things. Poetry is his tool to find beauty in the daily routine. His poetry has been featured in anthologies such as Persian Sugar in English Tea, Poets on the Run, Saffron Flavoured Rock Candy and Once upon a meal. His poems have been published by the online magazine Muddy River Poetry Review and have made it to the front page of PoetryCircle.com. In free time, Jay likes to walk for long distances.