nothing’s worth anything anymore
I’m surprised my memories were worth anything at all
hours of old video games
sold to some woman who was so mean it made me want her
check the expiration date on my soul
I must be off the road
stuck between the parts of my life that are gone
can’t even bow my head with any solemn love
the price of honesty is five dollars
lies will get you a helluva deal
keep your mouth shut
and get an upset stomach
I don’t know, the sun sets on the flea market
like a strange mix of death on a dime
and a claw machine that jiggles your balls a little and drops them
sell your wares for rent money
buy out your last look at a social life
for an old copy of The snows of Kilimanjaro
lay and read inside a blanket protecting
you from 27 degrees of financial avalanche frozen assets
go back to the same store and sell it back for a dollar less than nothing
to get a lottery ticket at the toblacko shop if you’re lucky
and even if you are
you’ll only scratch off anthrax
to reveal 4 smiley faces that say try again