the feminine rolls her hidden eye—

he marvels at the width and breadth
of the mystery;

he is her ripened fruit, fallen into life;
and she is the shine of the onyx;

her sight is firmly fixed on horizons
yet to appear;

ever the answer, elusively ahead
of the inquiry—

he is doomed to merely measure and weigh
the residue of meaning

while she propagates it—
futures, mirages materialized in wombs

she is the root that grows the trees,
the gravity that births the stars—

and he,
but that essential afterthought

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit: petr sidorov

About the Author: Michael Acker lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has lived in various parts of the world; his early education was in German and French(Munich, Germany).  Mike enjoys writing short poetry, especially with the intent of exploring the possibilities latent in a single image.