Some Pinky pencils live longer
as they remain hidden in the dusty
pockets of blazers
that no longer fit.
Then there are unconcerned
ones that idle in a pen pot
and their only job is to make
managers look busy.
Some hibernate on dressing tables,
others remain in locked
compass boxes & some lethargically
scratch away on sketchbooks—
no wonder the world needs
so much coffee!

Selected byKaci Skiles Laws
Image credit:Oteo

Jay Gandhi is a thirty-four year old poet residing in Mumbai, India. He's an Accountant by profession, a Guitarist and a Yoga Practitioner. He derives inspiration from mundane things. Poetry is his tool to find beauty in the daily routine. His poetry has been featured in anthologies such as Persian Sugar in English Tea, Poets on the Run, Saffron Flavoured Rock Candy and Once upon a meal. His poems have been published by the online magazine Muddy River Poetry Review and have made it to the front page of In free time, Jay likes to walk for long distances.